These people are literally having climate change nightmares

By Renee Lewis / Source

Scientists and others who work with the topic of climate change have reported having nightmares about its impacts.

“I’ve had nightmares of a dystopian future — think Silent Green or Mad Max,” said Michael Mann, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Pennsylvania State University and director of its Earth System Science Center.

Mann was featured in the new Leonardo DiCaprio climate change documentary, Before the Flood, which showed how much is at risk if we do nothing to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Entire island nations like the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean could disappear under rising seas. Snow and ice could disappear throughout much of the world. Countless species could go extinct — making our future almost unrecognizable.

“When I first dove into covering (climate change) and was researching the extent of the crisis, I had one quite dramatic nightmare,” said Dahr Jamail, a reporter for Truthout who covers the topic.

“It was simply a vision of a future Earth that was mostly barren of biological activity, one scarred by resource wars, and having seen a massive die off of humans, given we are already well into the sixth mass extinction event,” Jamail said.

Jamail said his nightmare was influenced by the fact that so little international action has been taken to address the problem.

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