Watching the seas rise: The new Jason-3 satellite is busy mapping the oceans




By Renee Lewis

A new map of global ocean levels recently revealed a relentless rise due to climate change, experts said.

The latest measurements of global ocean heights were taken byJason-3, a new satellite operated by U.S. and European space agencies. Its first complete map of sea levels was released by NASAin mid-March, and adds to 24 years of previous measurements.

“This is a continuation of probably one of the most iconic time series demonstrations of sea level rise and global warming,” said Bill Patzert, a climatologist with NASA.

To Patzert, these measurements are proof of manmade climate change.

“As we add more and more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, it increases the heating of the Earth, and of course 95% of all that heat is being absorbed into the oceans,” Patzert said.

“As oceans heat, they expand, so sea level rise is really the unequivocal proof of global warming,” Patzert added.

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